WJCC 2012 Live Coverage Schedule

Sara Carlsson & Logan Gray at work at the WJCC 2012 Photo: Ludwig Gran

Curling fans around are able to follow live coverage of the event via the World Curling Federation’s YouTube Channel www.youtube.com/WorldCurlingTV which will be embedded here on the homepage of the event website. In a new venture for this event, the action will be live streamed globally through YouTube.

The live coverage is produced by the World Curling Federation in collaboration with Sweden's LiveChannel.

Put your questions to our commentators Logan Gray and Sara Carlsson by using the hashtag #wjcc2012 on Twitter or posting them up on the event facebook page www.facebook.com/wjcc2012sweden

About Logan and Sara:

Logan Gray, from Scotland, is himself a curler and ice sports development officer and a two-time World Junior Curling Championship bronze medallist (2005 & 2006).

Sara Carlsson, from Sweden, is current World Women's Curling Champion, playing second on Anette Norberg's team at the World Championships in Esbjerg, Denmark 2011. Sara competed in the World Juniors in 2008 (also held in Östersund) taking silver with Cecilia Östlund's team, losing the final to Scotland's Eve Muirhead.

WJCC 2012 Live Coverage Schedule

Date Toronto Sweden Tokyo Draw Feature Game
3/03/2012 0800 1400 2200 M1 SWEDEN v NORWAY
1300 1900 0300 w2 Canada v Scotland
4/03/2012 0800 1400 2200 w3 Japan v USA
1300 1900 0300 M3 SWITZERLAND v CANADA
5/03/2012 0800 1400 2200 M4 CANADA v SCOTLAND
1300 1900 0300 w5 USA v Canada
6/03/2012 0800 1400 2200 w6 Scotland v Japan
1300 1900 0300 M6 CANADA v SWEDEN
7/03/2012 0800 1400 2200 M7 NORWAY v USA
1300 1900 0300 w8 Scotland v Switzerland
8/03/2012 0630 1230 2030 w9 Sweden v Canada
1100 1700 0100 M9 CANADA v NORWAY
9/03/2012 1300 1900 0300 w Women: Playoff Game Russia v Sweden
10/03/2012 0600 1200 2000 M MEN: Playoff Game SCOTLAND v NORWAY
1200 1800 0200 M/w Semifinal game M or w TBA
11/03/2012 0400 0900 1700 w Junior Women: Gold
0800 1300 2100 M Junior MEN: Gold

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