About the World Junior Curling Championships

Photo: World Curling Federation/Richard Gray

The World Junior Curling Championships (WJCC) are the World Curling Federation's annual world championships for curlers under 21 years of age.

To be eligible to play in the WJCC and its qualifying events, a player must be less that 21 years of age by the end of the 30th day of June of the year immediately preceding the year in which the championship is to take place.

The WJCC has taken place since 1975 for junior men and since 1988 for junior women. The event sees ten male and ten female teams compete against each other for the two respective titles.

Both the women's and men’s championships take place at the same venue with alternating junior men's and women's sessions.

The nations that take part in the World Junior Curling Championships are determined partly on ranking from the previous World Championship but also through regional qualifiers and challenges.

The WJCC usually lasts over an eight day period, with one day of training at the championship venue prior to the beginning of competition.

There are usually five days of 'Round Robin' games (each team plays each other once) that take place before the top four-ranked teams move onto the final stages in the remaining two days of competition.

The format of final stage is a 'Page Play-Off' system (1 v 2 and 3 v 4) with the winner of the 1 v 2 game moving directly to the Gold Medal game and the loser dropping to the semi-final. The winner of the 3 v 4 game progresses to the semi-final while the loser drops to the Bronze Medal game and must await the result of the semi-final, where they will take on the loser. The winner of the semi-final moves onto the Gold Medal game.

See the teams that have qualified for the 2012 event here: www.wjcc2012.worldcurling.net/teams

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