Day 1 - Player Reaction (Men)


After their win over China, Brendan Bottcher, skip Canada, said:

"It was nice to come out the first game and play well. It was a little shaky off the start but we settled in a little bit.

"They played really well at the start and came out of the gate strong. We were a little bit surprised, but it was good.

"We probably need to start a little bit stronger, but we were just nervous going into our first game, but we worked well as a team and were able to battle through it, which is nice.

"This is our first time in Europe for the whole team, none of us have played in European before. It feels great. The time-change took a little getting used to, but other than that, it’s been great."


After beating Finland, Kyle Smith, Skip Scotland, said:

"That was a good start - it was a bit of a shaky start but we played it well enough.

"We weren’t really sure what to expect. We knew they’d be quite a good team so we just came out and tried to stick to our usual game-plan and fortunately he missed shots at the right times for us and we did things right.

"For Kyle and I, that’s our first games for Scotland, so it’s a good way to start."


After their win against Italy, Stephen Dropkin, Skip USA, said:

"That’s a great way to start the tournament. It kind of calms some of my nerves for sure.

"Everyone is just nervous coming into this tournament and it’s just nice to follow through with what we’ve been trying to do.

"Having our first game under our belt is really relieving."


After their win over Norway, Sweden Skip, Rasmus Wråna, said:

“I feel great that we won. We were playing good and they didn’t play so well, but it’s our first game.

“You always want your opponent’s skip to be forced into playing hard shots and he made a few mistakes. We stole a lot of points, but we played well and I think that is what made their skip make some mistakes.”


After defeating Czech Republic, Swiss Skip, Dominik Mårki, said:

“It was not the best game but first game, first win. We normally play a very offensive game, so we are very aggressive with our stones. Here we were always a little too long, behind the T-line, so perhaps we have to judge the ice a little better against other teams.

“The win certainly gives us confidence - it’s always better to start with a win. Last year I won the silver medal, the year before that I won the gold, but only as an Alternate. Of course, this year we are aiming for a medal, we will just need to see which medal.”

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