Day 1 Review - Junior Women

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After Saturday’s first two sessions of women’s round-robin play at the World Junior Curling Championships 2012 in Östersund, Sweden, it may surprise some to see an unbeaten Czech Republic share top spot with Sweden and Russia.

However, the Czechs thoroughly deserve their lofty position, opening with a one-sided 10-3 win over Canada in just six ends, and following that up with a solid 8-4 victory over the USA.

After the Canadian game, a delighted Czech skip Zuzana Hajkova, said: “we are really happy to win as it’s our first game in the World Championship. I must say that we were totally nervous but this was the power which spurred us to victory. I think perhaps we were better prepared than our opponents and for the ice. This gives us great confidence, now we have an awesome feeling about this championship and we want to win everything!”

Later Canada, under skip Jocelyn Peterman, got their campaign back on track with a 7-5 evening win over Scotland, who had earlier beaten Norway by 9-3 in eight ends. After this recovery, Peterman said, “we’re definitely more pleased with that. We just got rid of our first-game nerves and the whole team played a lot better”.

Hosts Sweden had two solid performances, beating Italy by 10-2 in six ends before going on to hand Norway their second loss of the day, winning by 9-4. After the first of these games, Swedish skip Sara McManus said, “I am very happy with our game. It is very important to get a good start and we played very well on most of the stones. The ice was very good and it was really nice to play”.

Despite scoring four in the third end of their game against Switzerland, Russia’s Anna Sidorova was pushed all the way by the Swiss before emerging with a 10-8 win. Earlier the Swiss had beaten the USA by 9-5 while the Russians had beaten Japan by 11-3. After this game, Russian skip Anna Sidorova said: “I feel perfectly well after this win, but it is only the first game, we have a lot of games ahead. Although this win gives us confidence, it is not everything”.

To prove Sidorova’s point, the Japanese later bounced back, handing Italy their second loss with a 6-4 win, scoring three in the tenth end. After this game, a delighted Japanese skip Sayaka Yoshimura, said, “it’s our first time playing in Europe but the time difference has not been a problem. We have made a lot of mistakes in our games but are glad to get the win tonight. It gives us confidence and as the game went on we began to pick up momentum. I hope that continues tomorrow”.

W1: Czech Republic 10, Canada 3; Italy 2, Sweden 10; Japan 3, Russia 11; Norway 3, Scotland 9; USA 5, Switzerland 9.
W2: Sweden 9, Norway 4; Canada 7, Scotland 5; USA 4, Czech Republic 8; Switzerland 8, Russia 10; Italy 4, Japan 6.

Junior Women’s Standings
Czech Republic 2-0
Russia 2-0
Sweden 2-0
Canada 1-1
Japan 1-1
Scotland 1-1
Switzerland 1-1
Italy 0-2
Norway 0-2
USA 0-2
*During the round robin teams with the same W-L record will be ranked alphabetically.

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The World Junior Curling Championships 2013 will take place in Sochi, Russia, from 28 February-10 March.

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