Day 2 - Player Reaction (Men)



After defeating Switzerland, Canada Skip, Brendan Bottcher, said:

"That was a good win. We had control at the start but then they played great and battled back. It was a real close one.

"I was just trying to throw (that last draw) the way I’d been throwing through the game. I knew I was pretty close and just needed a piece of the four foot and the sweepers bashed it to a nice spot.

"I’m feeling as comfortable as I can be right noiw, but we still have six games to play and a lot of work to do."


After beating Finland, Italy Skip, Andrea Pilzer, said:

“It’s a great feeling. We complicated everything when we were up, we had a couple of bad ends but in the end it is nice to win.

“When they scored three in the tenth end it was tough. To give up three like that, it was quite stupid. The win gives us some confidence back for sure though. We are delighted with the win and are looking to progress from this performance.

“Our goal is to qualify for next year’s championship and avoid relegation, but we also wanted to come here and play some good curling and I think we did that in this last game. We had some good shots out there, better than yesterday, and I’m very happy with my team’s performance.”



After their win over Switzerland, Xingfu Li – Team Manager for China, said:

“It was a very tight game. In the fifth end we had a high shot percentage and the Swiss had a very low percentage. That’s the big difference and how we took four.

"I think our Skip [Xiuyue] Ma is not feeling any pressure. Ma is a very good curler, very relaxed and confident with his strategy. He never calls a time-out – here, in this game the time-out was called by the lead!”


After beating Czech Republic, Swedish skip Rasmus Wranå, said:

"We made a good game and I was very successful with all the important shots. Especially in the first end when I saw only one third of the Czech shot stone, took it out and we could count three. Also in the sixth end when I was forced to draw against three."


After their win against Finland, Norway Skip, Markus Høiberg, said:

“Finally our first win. I think we should have won it in the fifth end when I had an open hit for five, but I ‘m struggling a bit with my soft weight take-outs, the rest of my team managed it well so it’s up to me to figure it out. I think we had control throughout the game, the fact it was close is that they played some pretty good ends when we had bad ends.

“It gives us a little confidence back. It was a tough day yesterday, I didn’t make any shots at all almost; at least I played some good shots today. The draw weight feels good, it’s just the simple open take-outs that I’m struggling a bit with.

“We’re going for a medal, we won bronze last year and we’ve only lost one player so it should be possible, but there are a lot of good teams we’ve still got to play.”


Following their defeat to Canada, USA Skip, Stephen Dropkin, said:

“We thought we played well. We definitely could have played better, it’s just those little knicks, little half misses that really kill you in the end.

“I think the difference was that Canada picked it up more than we did in the end - they really brought it together and their draw shots were pretty much perfect. We had trouble with our hits and rolls and I really struggled with the ice in the end there.”

“Although we lost our performance gives us some confidence - Canada are a great team, it was just awesome being able to keep up with them.”

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