Day 2 - Player Reaction (Women)


After losing to Japan, Cory Christensen, skip USA:

"I think we played pretty well in that game and we’ve been getting better in each game – hopefully we’re going to win soon.

"We’ve already learned a ton from the first two games, and every game we keep finding more things so we’ve just got to get the win now."


After their win over Sweden, Hannah Fleming, skip Scotland:

"We had chances throughout the game. In the seventh, we had two short stones and wanted to keep it clear, but it was just a bit scrappy.

"We like stealing, we’re quite good at it and we know that although we were down we still had a chance to win it – we know not to give up.

"That was a million times better than against Canada. We were definitely on the ball in that game. We knew we had to be on our game against Sweden, and we’ve learned our lesson. We wanted to be on more wins than losses, so we’ve done that."


After their win over Norway, Jocelyn Peterman, skip Canada, said:

"I guess now that we’ve gotten used to the ice, we’re really happy with our draw weight and with the ice, we just had to go for it. Hopefully, we can keep playing like this and throwing the way we are.

"We felt confident with our throws every time, so it feels good. The whole team is pretty close to where we want to be.

"It’s awesome and cool being able to play games against so many countries. We didn’t really know what to expect – it’s our first event like this, it’s cool though, and we’re really enjoying it so far.

"Hopefully we can keep it up like this but there’s always room for improvement."


After beating the USA, Japan Skip, Sayaka Yoshimura, said:

“We made a few mistakes but the team performance is getting better and I think further improvements will continue to be made. In the fourth end when we got the deuce and in the next end when we stole one which was key to winning the game.”


After their victory of Italy, Russia Skip, Anna Sidorova, said:

“The ice was really hard for us because it was really slow and difficult to gage the right weight. I think this is why both teams made mistakes which is why the game was so tight. A game like this doesn’t give you any confidence, but of course we won in the end which is all that matters. I think tonight we will go for a walk and try to clear our heads.”


Following their defeat to Scotland, Swedish coach Stuart McManus, commented on the last play from his team. He said:

"The Scottish skip, Hannah Fleming, had made a nice draw but stopped behind the tee line. It was quite possible for Sara to follow her to win the game but by some reason the team chose to play a raise which is much more difficult. And it didn´t work."

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