Day 3 - Player Reaction (Men)


After beating the Czech Republic, Swiss Skip, Dominik Marki, said:

“We always felt in control during the game. At the third end we made two and in the fifth end we were a bit lucky and we got four. But in the seventh end I played two very bad stones and they came back into it.

"For the next game, we need to improve upon our precision and also work on our takeout speed. In our games so far sometimes they have been too fast and sometimes too slow.”


After losing to Scotland, Canadian Skip, Brendan Bottcher, said:

“We didn’t really have a good handle of the ice today and we weren’t too precise with our draw shots – we had some bad angles and that really hurt us. We’ll try to regroup, rest and come out strong tomorrow. I don’t think we’re throwing the rock poorly, we just need to be a little bit sharper. We’ll try to get back to placing our rocks where we want them and get back on a roll again.

“Scotland were great, they made a few misses early on but after that they were making everything – they’re a tough team.”


Norway Skip, Markus Hoiberg, said:

“We’re really getting better, improving a lot since our first game. We’re figuring everything out so it looks better now. I think the key to winning today was that we’ve started to play a lot harder take-outs, not so soft anymore, and a little bit more controlled. We just tried to keep it open and get the points we could.

“Confidence is growing throughout the team - they seemed to make more and more shots and I managed to play my shots as well, which of course helps out a lot. All of the team plays better when the skip is playing well.”


Swedish skip Rasmus Wranå after beating China, said:

"We played well most of the time and used our chances to score extra points. But of course we were lucky when the Chinese skip was too short with his draw in the fourth end so we could steal three for a 5-1 lead. Then we got control of the game."

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