Day 3 - Player Reaction (Women)



After their win over Switzerland, Italy Skip, Federica Appollonio,said:

“At last we get a win. But we didn’t change much in the way we prepared ourselves for the game or how we were on the ice. We just worked better as a team and the result shows what we can do.

"The last time we played that team was in Thun [in the European Junior Curling Tour] they beat us, but only just – now we are happy win against them here.”



After their win against Switzerland, Swedish Skip, Sara McManus, said:

“We played pretty bad last night so I think we were just a little bit more motivated for this game. We haven’t played our best but we did this game, so it felt absolutely great.

"It gives us our confidence back, definitely. Everyone in the team was like ‘oh finally’. This is Maria’s first year so she is pretty nervous I guess, but we are just keeping calm and playing our best and we got the result and performance we needed.”


After their victory over USA, Hannah Fleming, skip Scotland, said:

"We had so many chances to get good ends. We had a good end in the eighth to get a two and again in the ninth. But in the tenth, a few mistakes cost us the three.

"USA played very well to come back at us. With all the steals that they got, they just played one cracking shot that scuppered us. We didn’t play badly, we just didn’t take the chance that we were given. We’re all as determined as each other and that’s what got us through."


After defeating Italy, Jocelyn, skip Canada, said:

"We started off strong. We’re trying to play our best each game, we just had a lot of rocks in play in that game and that’s what gave us the big scores."

Czech Republic

After beating Russia, Czech Republic Skip, Zuzana Hajkova, said:

“It was an impressive win for us because in the middle of the game we didn’t think we had a chance. But finally we started to play a different game- we played a lot of guards and a lot of doubles, which worked for us.

“I must say that we totally changed our game since yesterday where we played a much more defensive strategy but today we played quite openly which worked. We made this decision before the game because we knew the Russian girls are one of the best teams here. I personally think they have a chance to win this championship, so we had a lot of respect for them.

"We knew we had to change everything and it worked and this win gives us a lot of confidence going into our next game against Scotland.

“Before we came into this competition we had a goal of winning four games, so it’s a great start. Everybody must say we’ve done a good job here so far so we are happy with that.”


After losing to Scotland, USA Skip, Cory Christensen, said:

“It was a really close game. I think we played pretty well, I think we could have played better in a few ends but I’m really happy with how we all played. Scotland are a really great team so it was really nice to have a good game with them.

“The ice has been pretty good throughout the championship, we just need to learn from a few mistakes that we’ve made. But we’ve learnt so much since we’ve been here, strategy, dealing with pressure and all sorts of stuff.”

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