Day 4 - Player Reaction (Men)



After their win against Scotland, Norway Skip, Markus Hoiberg, said:

“That’s another great win for us tonight. They’re a good team and I was really looking forward to this game all week, so it was good to beat them. We started off pretty good, a bit poor in the first end, we could have easily let go a three, but managed to blank it. Then we got back in the game, we forced them and they forced us, it was a very tight game, until the eighth which turned out to be a really good end when we got a five.

“We’re playing better and better, and we will try and keep hitting rocks. We switched our second with our alternate [Eirik Mjøen] who came in a played really well, so we might keep it that way and see what happens next.”


Following their win against Finland, USA Second, Tom Howell, said:

“It was a comfortable win for us tonight, it helped give us our confidence back. We forgot about the game this morning against Scotland. We let them [Scotland] build up rocks and left a tricky situation for us at the end of each end. But we forgot about it pretty quickly as we knew we had to move on. We have a lot of tough teams still to play so we have to keep moving.

“I think from our defeat we learned a lot about strategy and reiterating what our coaches have been teaching us all year, like when we’re down the different strategies to use. So I think it’s definitely a learning experience and I think it will help us kick drive our comeback for the next three games.

“All in all, I think it’s been a great experience so far. The venue is awesome – we’ve never played in an arena quite like this together. It’s great to be here with two players on my team who are aging out next year. I have a couple of years left in me so I would love to come back, so this is a stepping stone to my future in the sport.”


After defeating Italy, Switzerland Skip, Dominik Marki, said:

“Yes it was a win, it was very important for us. Now we are on the right way for the play-offs. We knew if we played good we would beat them and that’s exactly what we did. The key was to play our game, not too offensive, play defensive, and we did it.

“Tomorrow is a very important day for us. We play Scotland, so it will be a tough game for both teams. But now we are on the right track and we have a lot of confidence because we also played very well in the last game, so I think we’re on a roll.”



After losing to Switzerland, Swedish skip Rasmus Wranå, said:

"Pity with the hogline violation. My slide felt good and I thought I was able to score one but then I was over by some centimetres. That is the first time in my elite career that a stone was taken for me for hogline violation.

"We played poorly in the first two ends but then we came back and made the last half pretty good."

Czech Republic

After their win over Finland, Czech Republic Skip, Lukas Klima, said:

“I think we were strong during this game and after the break we scored 4 and put ourselves in a strong position. During the tenth end we made a huge mistake – we were sitting two and playing a double take-out, we hit our own stones and they spread out and left a lot of yellows in there![CZE = red stones / FIN = yellow stones]

"But finally, everyone on the sheet, even the guys from Finland, were sure that our stone was better, I threw my last stone out. The Umpires came to look at it, they said ‘the red one is better, but we will go with the Chief Umpire’. The Chief Umpire came and said ‘yellow’ so we had to play an extra end. Still - we won, so we are happy.” “This is my last year as a junior, I really enjoy it, it’s great to be here – but we lost our first four games and that’s not as good as we expected.

"I am surprised because there’s a new Swedish team here, really young guys – a new Switzerland team, but still I think the field is really strong, maybe even stronger than last year.

"Maybe it is because the ice is in really good condition and there’s some really good curling going on, making it a tough challenge for us out there!”


After beating USA, Scotland Skip, Kyle Smith, said:

“Played pretty well, we had a few ups and downs but we got there in the end which was the main thing. It was a strange game with both teams scoring a lot of points but that’s the way it goes sometimes.

“Quite a few times we felt in control, I made a bad shot in the second end at one point, when we lost the three straight back. He played a pistol for another three and they got another three in the fifth end with a beautiful shot. So it was a bit up and down but we felt in control for most of it. But the team are playing very well, I thought we controlled that game, despite the scoreboard - we’re throwing really nice. We just need to keep doing what we’re doing and we’ll be fine.”

Discussing the quick eighth end, Smith added: “They were running short of time, so they wanted a quick end. We weren’t in any rush either and we didn’t need to put them in the rings because we were in control of the game. So we were quite happy to blank so threw them through as well.”

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