Day 4 - Player Reaction (Women)

Czech Republic

After their win over Sweden, Czech Republic Skip, Zuzana Hajkova, said:

“It feels absolutely great to win. This game was very strange for both teams - two players had to leave to ice with nose bleeds, so about two ends we played without our fourth player. But I must say I really enjoyed this game more than any other because it was so competitive and offensive all of the time which made it very hard to think of a good idea. But we made it in the end.

“It’s was really difficult when we lost our player [with the nose bleed]. We have never played with only three players before – everyone was a little bit confused, and didn’t know what to do. We only had one sweeper so it was very hard for us.

“Yesterday we played horribly, so today we completely changed everything, we improved a lot, so we must be happy.”


After their win over USA, Russia Skip, Anna Sidorova, said:

“I think the game was so close in the end because of nerves. I think yesterday’s defeat made us more nervous today because we can’t afford to lose any other games - we need to win everything, so we are trying to be more accurate.

“Yesterday’s defeat gave us more motivation but I think it also made us a bit more nervous today. When you’re expected to win and then the other team wins it in the last end it’s hard to take. People expect us to do well after we won bronze last year, but we want to win medals and do well.

“I can’t say my team are doing anything bad at all though. In curling it’s really important to make the right shots at the right time so we just need to concentrate on doing that in our next games.”


After beating Italy, Norway Skip, Kristine Davanger, said:

“We played so much better today. We worked better as a team and that’s important to win. We’ve been struggling a bit to play together as a team but we have a little more self-confidence now after this win.

“If we want to stay in this tournament we just need to do exactly as we did this game.”

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