Day 5 - Player Reaction (Men)


After their victory over USA, Norway Skip, Markus Høiberg, said:

“I think we did good for a while today but after the break we missed a lot of take outs and peels, so it got a bit tough for us with a lot of guards in play. But they managed to get back in the game, I was hoping they wouldn’t do that but it turned out good for us in the end.

“We just try to stay positive. It was tough today for Eirik [Mjøen] - he played really well yesterday, but today he was a little bit off. We tried to stay positive and encourage him to do better next time.

“In the last end I was a little uncertain because I had a draw in the tenth which I threw good, but it must have picked. I played the same split time in the extra end and I was a little bit uncertain about the ice, but I knew the split time and everything was ok and it worked out for us.

“We need to continue playing well. We’re going to try and get back to where we were playing yesterday. We played really good in the evening draw. We started out pretty good today as well, but we made a couple of mistakes but we need to just keep it simple.”


After their win over Finland, Swedish Skip, Rasmus Wranå, said:

"Our first goal to save the Swedish place in next years WJCC. Now we are going for a play-off spot.

"We got a good start and after three in the fourth end to lie on 5-1 and got control of the game. But in the second half we struggled in some ends giving the Finns some chances to come back. But our victory was never in danger."

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