Day 5 - Player Reaction (Women)


Czech Republic

After beating Italy, Czech Republic Skip, Zuzana Hajkova, said:

“I feel totally charged. I think we played great but I made a lot of mistakes. My team were good and they kept me going all the time. Italy really wanted to win and they did everything they could.

“Of course, I’m really proud of my team. We wanted to win and we made it. Tomorrow we have Japan and we need to win because they beat Canada tonight, so it will be hard in the next game. But I think two wins may be enough to get into a tie-breaker tomorrow or Thursday. I hope these two wins will be enough for the play-off but we need one more win to make sure.”


After beating Sweden, Russian Skip, Anna Sidorova, said:

“I’m really proud of my team, they did a great job tonight. It was a tough game against Canada earlier, we had a lot of chances to take more than one point in ends that we had the hammer, but we didn’t. I made some mistakes, but the evening game was a lot better – we just tried to play our own game, like we usually do, and we got the win. I thought Sweden are a good team but they seemed nervous as well, but I think they have to be in the top four.

“I think a lot of the teams have the same record as us and we needed to get even one win to be in the top four, so every game is really important for us. We are in a good position but we have one more game and we need to win it to be in it to be in the top four for sure.

“The key to our success has been making the shots, that’s the most important part of curling, and to be a team – we’re all really supportive of each other which helps a lot.”


After losing to Russia, Sweden's skip Sara McManus, said:

"The first half we had high self-confidence. Both teams were playing good, but we had a little advantage.

"We have played bad in the sixth end of almost every game which has made our second half constantly poor, I don't know why?"



After beating Switzerland, Japan Skip, Sayaka Yoshimura, said:

“We definitely played better than our last game. We felt very disappointed after our loss yesterday, but we regrouped, hoped to play better today and we did. We eventually found draw weight so that helped the team performance.

“We are not nervous or excited or nervous about our next games, we feel calm which is important in curling. We are in a must win situation so we will try to play our best in the next game.”


Swedish skip Sara McManus, after her win over USA:

"We got a good start with our four ender in the second end. It was a difficult situation with a lot of stones involved but I got the chance to come through a narrow port to hit the American shot. I had to make that with both stones and succeeded perfectly. That was marvellous.

"We didn´t play so well in the second half of the game. We had problems with peeling the front stones and the Americans could make nice draws around. But we won and that´s what's important. But we must play much better against Russia and Canada if we want to reach the play-off."

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