Day 5 Review - Junior Women

Japan picked up two impressive wins today Photo: Richard Gray / WCF

With only one round-robin game to go in the women’s division of the World Junior Curling Championships, four teams on six wins – Canada, Czech Republic, Russia and Scotland - are tied at the top of the table, with two more – Sweden and Japan - breathing down their necks on just one win less.

To get to this position, the Czech Republic were the only team among the top four to win both of their games on Wednesday, following up their 11-4 defeat of Norway in the morning with a 6-5 win over Italy in their evening game. All three of the other leaders slipped up.

After their second win of the day, Czech skip Zuzana Hajkova said, “I feel totally charged. My team were good and they kept me going. Italy really wanted to win and they did everything they could. I’m really proud of my team. We wanted to win and we made it. Tomorrow we have Japan and we need to win”.

After staying unbeaten since their opening day loss to the Czech Republic, including a 10-6 win over Russia on Wednesday morning, Canada slipped up against Japan, going down by 6-7. Before this game, Japan had beaten Switzerland by 10-4.

Reflecting on their much improved position, Japanese skip Sayaka Yoshimura said, “we felt very disappointed after our loss yesterday, but we regrouped, hoped to play better today and we did. We are not nervous or excited about our next game, we feel calm, which is important in curling. We are in a must-win situation so we will try to play our best”.

Meanwhile, Canada’s Jocelyn Peterman said, “I think we just weren’t very precise with draw-weight– just a little off. If we win tomorrow we’ll still come out first, so we’re going to come out and play strong”.

In their closing round-robin game, Canada will be facing a Swedish team fighting for survival, while Japan face exactly the same situation in their closing game against the Czech Republic.

Russia recovered from their morning loss to Canada by beating Sweden 9-7, who had earlier beaten the USA by 11-5, while, at the same time Scotland lost by 5-7 to Switzerland, and these two teams face each other in their closing round-robin game, with the winner having the prize of definitely staying out of tie-breaker issues.

After her game against Sweden, Russian Skip Anna Sidorova said, “I’m really proud of my team, they did a great job tonight. It was a tough game against Canada earlier, we had a lot of chances to take more than one point in ends that we had the hammer, but we didn’t. I think a lot of the teams have the same record as us and we needed to get even one win to be in the top four, so every game is really important for us”.

In their morning game, Scotland had beaten Italy by 5-4 but, in the evening, they found themselves up against a Swiss team that proved just too tough to crack. After the Swiss game, Scottish skip Hannah Fleming said, “we played well – they just played outstanding and barely missed a shot in the whole game”. Looking forward to their final round robin game against Russia, she acknowledged, “it’ll be very big tomorrow against Russia”.

Elsewhere, Norway followed up their 4-11 morning loss to the Czech Republic by beating the USA by 9-8 to record their second win of the week. With the Czech Republic’s evening win over Italy by 6-5, Norway stays one win above Italy in the European dogfight to avoid relegation. Despite their best efforts, once again USA remained winless.

Round 7: Italy 4, Scotland 5; Switzerland 4, Japan 10; Russia 6, Canada 10; USA 5, Sweden 11; Czech Republic 11, Norway 4.
Round 8: Canada 6, Japan 7; Norway 9, USA 8; Scotland 5, Switzerland 7; Czech Republic 6, Italy 5; Russia 9, Sweden 7.

Junior Women’s Standings
Canada 6-2
Czech Republic 6-2
Russia 6-2
Scotland 6-2
Japan 5-3
Sweden 5-3
Switzerland 3-5
Norway 2-6
Italy 1-7
USA 0-8
*During the round robin teams with the same W-L record will be ranked alphabetically.

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The World Junior Curling Championships 2013 will take place in Sochi, Russia, from 28 February-10 March.

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