Day 6 - Player Reaction (Men)



After their victory over Finland, China Skip, Xiuyue Ma, said:

“I feel very good. The first half of the game was not good, the next half got better and better and then in the extra end we managed to win the game so it feels great."

When asked how they managed to fight their way back into the game, Ma said:

“The first was to change our ideas - we made better decisions and came up with better ideas. We felt more relaxed as the game went on and also changed our tactics and strategy because Finland were not that good at take-outs - they were better are draws.

“This event was a good event for me because I gained a lot of experience. The ice was great as well compared to my home town ice, and we have all had great fun.”


After their win over Italy, Sweden Skip, Rasmus Wranå, said:

"We played very good, and they didn't play. We just tried to do all we could to win the game. It has been a really fun week. Our goal was to reach the play-offs and we succeeded."



Rasmus Wranå, skip of the Swedish team who beat USA, said:

"We got a good start with a steal of three in the third end. Then we got control of the game and when I was successful with my stones we had no problem winning the game.

"Now it is important for us to beat Italy in the last game of the round-robin. Then we will finish second and will get two chances to reach the final."

Czech Republic

After their win over Italy, Czech Republic Skip, Lukas Klima, said:

“I think we played well, quite confidently, because we played against the Turin side three times this season and we have won every time.

"I think we were better throughout the whole game and made a lot of great shots. There were a lot of steals but it wasn’t because their skip was struggling. He usually had a really, really difficult last shot because we were better, especially with our first two players who I thought outplayed them throughout the game, giving us a good start to each end.

“It was an important game for us because right now we are better than two European teams, so hopefully we will avoid relegation.

“It has been great for all of us here. It is not our first championship but I think we still gain a lot of experience in every single game.”


After defeating Norway, Switzerland Skip, Dominik Märki, said:

“For us it was very important, we played very well and we’re looking forward to the next game. We play the USA next but I think we can win.

“That match Norway didn’t play very well, but we had a bit of luck also and managed to steal a three in the last end which sealed the win for us.

“It’s been good playing here and it’s a very nice city and, of course, every game we are learning from our opponents who are all very good.”


After losing to Canada, Finland Skip Iiro Sipola, said:

“It’s cool to be here of course, it’s great to be able to play on this kind of ice because in Finland we don’t have these kind of conditions. We’re just trying to enjoy ourselves, go out there and have some fun.

“It has been very competitive out here but we have played very bad and now we have no pressure, we don’t really care if we win or lose because we are now going to go to the European Challenge.

“I think we need better conditions to practice on because in our home arena, from hog to stop is 21 or 22 seconds and curls very little, so it’s really difficult trying to adapt to play on this ice. I think that’s one of the main reasons we have lost all of our games. But we have learnt a lot from this championship, and it’s good practice for us to play here. We are just not at the same level as the rest of the teams but we are having fun.”

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