Day 6 - Player Reaction (Women)


After their win over Switzerland, Norway Skip, Kristine Davanger, said:

“It feels really good to finish off with a win and it puts us above Switzerland in the final rankings I think. We’ve played much better over the last couple of days because we have worked better as a team. We were aiming for the play-offs but the team didn’t play well in the first games, but pulled it together for the last games.

“I think we’ve learned a lot from playing here. We must start playing more defensively at the beginning of games and not lose so many points in the first ends. Then, maybe, we will win the games in the end.

“We’ve learned so much from all the other teams, it’s been a great opportunity to play with some of the best. We’ve made lots of friends from other countries and I hope to see them again soon.”

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