Day 7 - Junior Women Tiebreakers

Sweden and Russia won their tiebreaker games this morning Photo: WCF / Richard Gray

In Friday morning’s women’s tie-break games, Russia beat Canada by 11-10 while Sweden had a 6-4 victory over Japan.

This means that Russia and Sweden now face each other in Friday evening’s Page 3 v 4 Play-off game, while Scotland and the Czech Republic play out the Page 1 v 2 Play-off. But, for Canada and Japan, it is the end of the road in this year’s Championships.

Sweden opened with the hammer and scored one, but Japan took the early initiative, taking two from the second end. After blanking the third end, Swedish skip Sara McManus tapped back a Japanese counter to score three in the fourth for a 4-2 lead.

The game stayed tight all the way after this - Japan scored one in the eighth; Sweden responded with a single in the seventh; Japan came back with another single in the eighth; and McManus produced a nose-hit against three Japanese counters to score one in the ninth, for a 6-4 lead. Sweden then ran Japan out of stones in the tenth end for the win.

After this game, Swedish skip Sara McManus said, “now we are in the same situation as last year at Perth where we won the tie-break but lost in the first play-off game. But this year we really want to improve and finish on the podium. In this game, we played rather simple and that is our best strategy. We got control after our three-ender in the fourth end. However it was critical in the ninth end but I managed to play an excellent chap-and-lie to score one for a 6-4 lead”.

Sayaka Yoshimura, skip of Japan, said, “a few critical tactical mistakes cost us a lot. We lost three in the early stages but we hung in there. I’m proud of my team but think we could have gone further”.

In the other tie-breaker, Canada used last stone advantage to score one in the opening end. But Russian skip Anna Sidorova raised the stakes significantly in the second end, scoring four points with a bold raised double take-out.

To their credit, Canada responded straightaway with a two in the third end, but Russia then moved even further ahead, scoring three in the fourth, and stealing a single in the fifth when Canadian skip Jocelyn Peterman was heavy with her final draw, to take a 7-3 lead into the half-time break.

Canada fought back in the second half, scoring a single in the sixth and stealing two in the seventh when Sidorova’s last shot wrecked to close the gap to 6-8, but Russia moved ahead again in the eighth when Sidorova tapped back a Canadian stone to score three.
Once again, Canada fought back to score two in the ninth, but eventually, the Russians hit out one of two Canadian stones in the tenth for their 11-10 win.

Afterwards, Canadian skip Peterman spoke about the fateful second end, saying, “we were in control for that whole end, She just played a really nice shot”.

Understandably, Russian skip Sidorova was delighted with her win. “It was an amazing game and we did it! Finally we are in the top four”. She added, “yesterday I talked to my mum for about an hour. She said ‘you are not playing against Canada but against yourself. If you can just be strong and forget about your nerves then you will win’. We did and I am so happy”.

Junior Women’s Standings after Round Robin & Tiebreakers
1. Scotland 7-2
2. Czech Republic 6-3
3. Russia 7-3
4. Sweden 7-3
5. Japan 6-4
6. Canada 6-4
7. Norway 3-6
8. Switzerland 3-6
9. Italy 2-7 (relegated to 2013 EJCC)
10. USA 0-9
*During the round robin teams with the same W-L record will be ranked alphabetically.

Page Play-off 1 v 2 (19:00 CET): Scotland v Czech Republic
Page Play-off 3 v 4 (19:00 CET): Russia v Sweden (Live webcast coverage)

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