Day 7 - Player Reaction (Women)



Swedish skip Sara McManus after Sweden had beaten Russia, said:

"What a game my girls played! I am impressed. We struggled in the beginning of the game but we are fighters and never give up. We took a time-out in the last end and dad [Stuart, coach of the team] came down and told us that we should win with the first stone we put into the house. And we did."

Czech Republic

After losing to Scotland, Czech Republic Skip, Zuzana Hajkova, said:

“I don’t feel too disappointed because Scotland played some very nice shots, they played a double-stone take-out which won this game which was just perfect. We had a chance but they played amazing in the last end, and really good throughout the game. I would like to wish them good luck.

“I don’t think that we were much worse than our last game with Scotland – then we didn’t play guards well and today we did, so that’s why the score wasn’t as big as it was when we played them in the round robin.

“Of course we still have a chance of reaching the final and we are happy we are going to play against Sweden, because we won against them in the round robin. Against Sweden it was a much easier game than it was against Russia so we are glad we face them. I hope we are lucky and we know we can make it.”



After losing to Sweden, Japan Skip, Sayaka Yoshimura, said:

“We made a few mistakes but we helped each other. A few critical tactical mistakes cost us a lot. We lost three in the early stages but we hung in there. I’m proud of my team but think we could have gone further.

“It’s always nice to be in the World Championship, the experience is massive to me. The team have learnt so much and had fun on and off the ice.”


After winning their game against Canada, Russia Skip, Anna Sidorova, said:

“It was an amazing game and we did it! Finally we are in the top four. Also it was really tough because we had a lot of chances to get into the top four but we didn’t take them and now we are there it’s great.

“I’m very critical of myself. I’m always trying to make the right calls and right shots and when I don’t I’m so angry and upset with myself because I know I can do it. If I make any mistakes I can’t say I played well.

“Yesterday I talked to my mum for about one hour and I was really nervous. I told her about our loss yesterday [to Scotland], that we had lost to Canada in the round-robin and how I thought it would be really difficult to win. In Russia we have Women’s Day yesterday, and it was also my mum’s birthday, so there were a lot of emotions. But she helps me so much. She said to me ‘forget about everything, every game is a new game. You are not playing against Canada but against yourself. If you can just be strong and forget about your nerves then you will win.’ We did and I am so happy.”


Swedish skip, Sara McManus, after her victory over Japan, said:

"Now we are in the same situation as last year at Perth where we won the tie-break but lost in the first play-off game. But this year we really want to improve and finish on the podium.

"In the game against Japan we played rather simple and that is our best strategy. We got control after our three-ender in the fourth end. However it was critical in the ninth end when Japan was lying three before my last stone. But I managed to play an excellent chap-and-lie to score one for a 6-4 lead."

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