Day 8 - Player Reaction (Men)



After winning their game against Scotland, Norway Skip, Markus Høiberg, said:

“It feels very good to have won, I feel relieved. It seems like both teams were struggling a lot, we struggled a bit less than them, so we were good enough.

“On Scotland’s missed opportunity to take five in the second end, Høiberg said: “I don’t think it was a boost for us but perhaps made a negative difference for them. There’s a big difference between three and five of course but the ice was a bit tricky at the start - you could see some draws were falling short. In the fourth when we stole three which helped, it was tricky out there, but we did a little better than them.”


After their defeat to Canada, Swedish skip, Rasmus Wranå, said:

"Until the seventh end we played OK but the Canadians were so much better than us. We made some small mistakes and every time Canada took advantage and scored a deuce and a three-ender. But we still have the chance to reach the final so now we concentrate next on the semifinal."

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