Junior Women's Medal Games - Player Reaction

Gold Medal Game


Hannah Fleming, Scotland Skip, after winning the gold, said:

“World champion? ...It sounds very good. It’s what we’ve been working hard for all season and I’m really chuffed.”

"I only finally believed we were going to win when my stone stopped on the last shot. We felt fine in the tenth, my first over-curled but we knew that we always had the chance for an extra end if we got one out, so I did that with my second.”

Speaking about the extra end, she said, “I knew the extra end was going to come down to my last one because they played really well. I wasn’t enjoying my last shot very much, but I know that I had to do it and it worked out in the end.”

“I couldn’t have asked for more from my team, they were great for the whole week, and in the final we just didn’t put a foot wrong, so thanks to them. Our realistic target was to get to the latter stage of the competition. When we got to the 1-2, we weren’t going to be happy with bronze our silver. At the start of the competition, we’d have been happy to get through, but when we’d had such a good week, and were winning all the games, we really wanted to dig in.”

“the Czech girls played fantastic all week, beating some of the big teams. We were just fortunate enough to play better against them on all three occasions so I like to think we deserved our win today.”

Czech Republic

After their loss to Scotland, Czech Skip, Zuzana Hajkova, said:

"I’m very disappointed but I’m so happy for Hannah, she played some amazing stones and she was great. Her team was so friendly, and the atmosphere between them was ‘how to win’, so they deserved to win.”

“We played everything we could in the tenth, and we didn’t make a mistake, so we scored and it was what we needed” adding, “I don’t know what I was thinking in the extra end. My fourth player played an amazing shot at the last, and Hannah had to play a take-out with control. It was hard, but she made it.”

"This medal means something big for curling in the Czech Republic. No-one else has ever done it in any world competitions, so I think they must be proud of us...I hope so.”

Bronze Medal Game


After winning the bronze medal game against Sweden, Russia Skip, Anna Sidorova, said:

“I’m happy – we are the first team from Russia to win the bronze medal twice, two years in a row. Even though the Russian girls won the gold in 2006, it’s really hard to win a medal two years in a row so we are really happy, although we thought we could have done better – but life is life.

“It’s difficult to say how we beat Sweden today, we just played really well. We understood that we needed the play really well and everyone did their best, but we didn’t change anything in particular.

“It’s my last juniors. This one has been much stronger than in previous years. All teams were really, really good. For me the big surprise this year has been the Czech Republic, I think for everyone their performance has been a big surprise.

“I’ve played four World Juniors, I’ve finished in fifth, fourth and double bronze, I could have done better but now I’m too old to play, but I have a lot of World Women’s Championships ahead of me which I will try and win.

“Every competition, every bonspiel, every championship is good experience for me, it makes you a lot more experienced which is a good thing as a skip.”


Swedish skip, Sara McManus after losing to Russia, said:

"The Russian girls were better than us. We can accept this loss but not the loss in the semifinal to Czech Republic. We should have won that game.

"Now we try to come back to Sochi next year as four of us still are juniors."

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