Visitor Accommodation

Below are some suggestions for hostels and two special offers for hotels suitable for various different budgets.

In order to obtain these prices, please quote curling WJCC prices when booking.

Otherwise, accommodation can be booked online via the official page, run by Östersund Tourist Office:


Hotell Linden
Location: Situated 25 minutes walk to venue, a little more than five minutes to bus stop for bus to venue

Special prices WJCC:

  • Single room: 595 SEK/night
  • Double room: 695 SEK/night
  • 3-4 bed room: 995 SEK/night
  • Clarion
    Location: Situated 15 minutes walk from venue)

    Special prices WJCC:

  • Single room: 1020 SEK/night
  • Double room: 1120 SEK/night
  • Vandrarhem / Hostels

    Basic standard, added costs for renting sheets and for breakfast

    Location: Situated mid town, 10-15 minute walk to venue

    Location: situated by railway station

    Location: Situated by the open air museum, 5 minute walk from venue

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